Iiw Entourage is on a mission to enhance the experience and efficacy of active ingredients from cannabis. The company’s technology development is based on the significance of the entourage effect which describes the synergy between the inactive and less prevalent ingredients in cannabis and the primary cannabinoids. The entourage effect is attributed to a wide range of molecules called terpenes. Terpenes imbue plants with flavor and scents and are found in numerous plant species, including cannabis.

Terpenes are credited with the ability to influence mood in humans. That means they can be manipulated to produce specific effects that enhance a person’s sense of well-being, energy level, anxiety level, and other mental and emotional states. Iiw Entourage has invested years of research in understanding and acquiring the know-how to apply the entourage effect in proprietary, user friendly, accurate dosage delivery systems.

Based in Israel, the company’s founders bring a combination of multi-generational experience, research expertise, and business acumen. The company has launched its first product offering, Cannaboost rolling papers and production line. These rolling papers are a premium product infused with active ingredients through a unique process that enables the user to control and modulate the effects of cannabis.  

To find out more about how to engage with us in distribution and/or production of Cannaboost rolling papers, please contact Gil Luxenbourg


terpene infused rolling papers

terpene infused cones

terpenes infused rolling papers

terpenes infused cones





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