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Can I buy terpenes online?

Yes, all cannaboost terpenes products are made from plant derived (non cannabis) terpenes. this means that our terpenes are both safe and regulatory compliant with international trade requirements. we are shipping globally from Israel and though whipments are long they reach the destination without any legal issues. 

How to use terpenes roll-on?

Cannaboost terpenes blends roll-on products are designed and tested to be used on any type of wrap for combustion. it binds the terpenes blend to the cellulose in the wrap and infuses the paper with the aroma that brings the spice to the point of dankness. Cannaboost roll-on is an easy terpenes application - just roll on what you roll. 

The content of the terpenes roll-on is 1ml, designed to meet a full infusion of ~50 king size papers, but for the best matching of how much to apply for use with your herbs and spices - test for yourself. 


Just bear in mind that each company carries it's line of products and is responsible for the products they sell, therefore we can't answer about the compatibility of each terpenes blend sold for specific uses.

How to use terpenes spray?

Cannaboost terpenes blends spray products are designed and tested to be used directly on the spices to aromatize the experience and elevate the dankness.
Each spray of cannaboost terpenes blends spray application is intended to be used with 2 grams of ground spices to elevate the aroma, or with 1 gram of ground spice if it is mixed with other herbs for a spliff experience. 

Just bear in mind that each company carries it's line of products and is responsible for the products they sell, therefore we can't answer about the compatibility of each terpenes blend sold for specific uses.

Does eating mangoes before partaking do the same thing? 

While rumors about the Myrcene content in mangoes making a real difference in the experience of users, The reality is a bit different. the content of Myrcene in just 10 cm line of our roll-on is equivalent of eating over a hundred pounds of mangos... so we wouldn't recommend the mango eating path. the terpenes in our blends are extracted and refined to be so pure and potent before reconstruction to our special potion blends, resulting in extremely aromatic potions and blends. 

if you want the myrcene impact of the entourage effect without immediate couchlock, we recommend trying our cannaboost uplifting terpenes roll-on product.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are scent and flavor compounds found in plants and insects in nature. These compounds act as cannabinoid modulators in the brain (Dr. Ethan Russo). This means that terpenes have a major influence on how our brains translate the interaction with cannabinoids. This is the secret sauce in our products.

What is in CANNABOOST products and formulations? Is it safe?

CANNABOOST formulations consist of 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe for use.  All products are subjected to testing in third party laboratories and comply with regulatory protocols to ensure that our production lines meet the highest quality standards.

How does CANNABOOST™ terpene infused rolling paper work?

CANNABOOST terpene infused rolling paper is designed to enhance the entourage effect as an aromatic GPS modulator. As the rolling paper combusts, terpenes are released and combine with active ingredients from cannabis. The user experience comes from a specially formulated combination of terpenes that are designed to create a specific effect.  

Why should I try CANNABOOST?

CANNABOOST is not your ordinary rolling paper. Period. It is a great deal more than a method to elevate. CANNABOOST actually boosts the effect, taste, and enjoyment of ordinary spice, regardless of its quality.

Can I order CANNABOOST anywhere no matter where I live?

Yes! All of CANNABOOST’s are 100% compliant with all regulatory systems. No regulatory restrictions are applicable so CANNABOOST can be legally  sold to anyone, anywhere!

Where is CANNABOOST sold?

Currently ​the best place to obtain CANNABOOST rolling papers is at the online store.  We are in the process of rolling out Cannaboost products to social clubs, Special licensed dispensaries, and prime retail locations. Check back soon for an updated list of locations.

Can I suggest a flavor?

Sure! We welcome all your suggestions and input. Just click here to send us a message. We can’t make any promises, but we will do our best to address all requests.


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