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Terpenes infused wraps - "High"tech

When you hear terpenes infused rolling papers, what do you think about?

you may assume that it's a form of aromatherapy for cannabis and you would be spot on! but there is much more to the story.

Terpenes present in this new “High-tech” terpenes infusion ink (pun intended) are proven to be a major component in the cannabis entourage effect as well as have anti-bacterial properties and as such are used in a huge variety of applications.

Terpenes are volatile compounds which act as a navigation system for many of the effects and side effects of cannabis as part of the cannabis entourage effect and aroma therapeutic properties of terpenes. the evaporation pace (rate) of terpenes and terpenoids is not similar even within a terpene profile and this is part of the reason cannabis changes the effect over time when poorly stored.

The entourage effect in cannabis as discovered and named by Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem ("the grandfather of cannabis research") and Dr. Ethan Russo as a hypothesis was recently re-validated by Professor Mechoulam.

In discussions relating Israel medical cannabis reform and how it will effect patient care, Professor Mechoulam stated from his experience with Isareli medical cannabis patients anecdotal evidence that a change in terpene profile was a cause to deterioration of a successful treatment for epilepsy back to daily spasms and convulsions, and concluded that terpene profile is a key factor to enable successful cannabis treatment of patients ailments and symptoms of spasms and convulsions in epilepsy and possibly in other patients.

Printing terpene infused papers using common available printers or even by using industrial printing press technologies is impossible - the terpene profile would probably be completely evaporated or destroyed by the high temperatures of commercial printing presses on account of low boiling point.

Fortunately, new technology of cold terpene printing (pat. pending) includes novelty machinery and terpene ink's utility, and allows brands to manufacture and market their own kind of terpenes infused rolling papers and terpenes infused cones. this hi(gh)-tech printing technology is branded and trademarked under CANNABOOST™ brand.

A couple of different firms who produce terpenes infused papers and cones infuse cannabis extracted terpenes batch by batch, while other brands prefer to infuse laboratory constructed stable terpene "ink" that is reconstructed using isolated purified essential oils from non-cannabis botanical sources to match the specific strain or desired effect to infuse into rolling papers and cones.

CANNABOOST™ cold terpenes print technology is applicable to flat rolling paeprs as well as pre-rolled cones. the company licenses the technology to produces and sells the products made in it's Israel based production facility under the CANNABOOST™ brand.

To locate the right type of terpenes ink (profile) for your personal or business needs, head to CANNABOOST™ terpene-profile list and look for a section dedicated to terpenes list, or come visit CANNABOOST™ online store - where you'll be able to find an ample supply of terpenes infused papers and cones to use for anything that you would like to do. These special papers can be found in a variety of profiles and have an impact on cannabis effects.

It's amazing what can be accomplished using these distinctive terpenes ink technology.

CANNABOOST™ is a registered trademark and brand owned by iiw entourage delivery systems ltd.

Gil Luxenbourg

Co-founder and Co-CEO of iiw entourage delivery systems ltd.


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