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Why infuse terpenes ?

Terpenes are volatile compounds found in the plant and as the drying and curing phases of the floral material in preparation for consumption happens, terpenes are also evaporating from said floral material - resulting in a lesser potent aromatic bud.

Re-introducing the lost terpenes brings out the sensory effects and enhances the perceived effects of the entourage effect - just by bringing up the terpenes content in the entourage effect equation.

Loss of terpenes from the overall terpenes profile may result in both lowering the potency of the floral material being consumed, as well as changing the overall perceived and sensory effect of said floral bud.

The answer for all of this loss of terpenes in the process may be infusing terpenes into the floral material - resulting in a different final product sold to clients, or infusing terpenes into other products and allow the end users to have first hand experience with the impact terpenes present.

We believe that introducing specific terpenes may be a way to conduct clinical trials for the effects of essential oils, however as we are discussing compounds that are mostly consisting of over 100 terpenes in a profile, in different ratios, the effects are dependant on a combination of several terpenes in a sub-profile that impacts specific perceived and sensory effects.

The combinations we chose to infuse into our products are those that were reported to have the most relevant impact on the sensory effects and reported to combine or superimpose on a very wide array of floral strains - and create a synergetic effect.

pouring terpenes onto a paper will result in a fast evaporation - about 50% of the content will evaporate within 5 minutes, however using our special blends formulation ink - makes the infusion process work like magic - binding the terpenes to the paper, infusing the fibers and the pores of the paper with terpenes in a controlled dose.

using our terpenes infused rolling papers delivers on the promise of having a controlled dose in each leaf, allowing the consumers a recurring impact again and again.

our terpenes infused papers are single wrapped so each leaf you use will always have the same dose and same potency as the one you used before, regardless of your consumption habits.

cannaboost terpenes infused king size papers are meant to enhance the aromatic composition of the floral compounds you wrap and elevate the entourage effect.


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