• CANNABOOST™ Infused With: Clementine


    CANNABOOST™ terpenes infused rolling papers are single wrapped  & infused with stabilized terpene profile to ensure effect and potency.


    Strain Characteristics:

    Name: Clementine

    Strain Kind: Sativa

    Flavors & Smell : Orange, Lemon & Citrus

    Effect: Happy, Uplifting & Energetic


    The Pack Contains:

    50 X CANNABOOST™ Terpenes Infused Rolling Paper 


    100% Natural Product
    0 % THC 

    SKU: iiw54clm
    • Product Information

      50 X CANNABOOST™ Terpenes Infused Rolling Paper + Paper Tip




      100% Natural Product
      Legal to Sell Everywhere - No Regulatory Restrictions Aplicable