CANNABOOST™ Infused Cone - Relaxing
  • CANNABOOST™ Infused Cone - Relaxing


    Don't Roll your own ? fill an infused cone ! 


    Experience the RELAXING EFFECT OF TERPENES first hand using these infsued pre-rolled cones and make a perfect infused joint every time, hassle free.


    CANNABOOST™ terpenes infused cones are single wrapped & infused with stabilized terpene profile to ensure effect and potency.


    Strain Characteristics:
    Name: Relaxing / Zkittles matching profile
    Strain Kind: Indica dominant
    Flavors & Smell : Sweet, Grape & Berry

    Effect: Relxing & Focused


    The Pack Contains: 1 X CANNABOOST™ RELAXING Terpenes Infused Cone


    100% Natural ProductLegal to Sell Everywhere - No Regulatory Restrictions Aplicable

    SKU: RelaxingCone
    • Product Information

      108 X CANNABOOST™ Terpenes Infused Rolling Paper + Paper Tip




      100% Natural Product
      Legal to Sell Everywhere - No Regulatory Restrictions Aplicable

    terpene infused rolling papers

    terpene infused cones

    terpenes infused rolling papers

    terpenes infused cones





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