Terpenes spray for Entourage effect with easy application | 3 pack
  • Terpenes spray for Entourage effect with easy application | 3 pack


    ELEVATED EXPERIENCE - take your entourage experience to higher levels with cannaboost terpenes spray 3 pack! Formulated with an 'ink' style blend for longer retention and stronger bond with your ground material, our Uplifting, Joyful and Relaxing terpene profiles improve aroma and flavor! 


    ENTOURAGE EFFECT - Backed by independent and scientific research and created with the right combination of terpenes from organic sources, our food grade terpenes allow you to make the most of the entourage effect. Designed to meet specific aromatic effects, our terpenes spray has an enhanced content. 


    REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM - CANNABOOST introduces a never seen before system for effortless application directly onto your herb product, allowing you to control your own dose of infustion precisely! one bottle of our terpene product is enough for 50 grams of dry herbal matter.  


    CLEAN AND SAFE - Strenghten the entourage effect with a safe and highly researched system with this terpene spray! Experience uplifted, Joyful and relaxed states throught perceived and sensory effects, whilst maintaining peace of mind knowing that cannaboost terpenes are as clean as they come! 


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      The 3 spray set is on scheduled discount until 4/20 of 2022

      or until end of inventory for the set special

      minimum quantity of sets under discount program: 100  

      this quantity may be expanded by iiw enourage at its discression

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